Hi, I'm Patricia Zapata and today, I will be working on a paper gift box. The materials are very simple to find and we'll be using white paper, an X-Acto knife, colored pencils, a bow folder, a ruler and a cutting mat. If you don't feel comfortable using an X-Acto knife, scissors are also good to use. For the first step, we'll be making a square and I'm using a letter size piece of paper. All we have to do is fold up until the edges match here on a ninety degree angle. I'll be using my bow folder throughout the project to make my creases nice and clean. And now, I just need to cut this extra piece of paper. I'm going to open up my paper and I'm going to decorate before we continue folding. You can use gift wrap, a greeting cards, any types of pattern paper that you have. For now I just want to use something simple in case your sub which is plain white paper. And all I'm going to do is take colored pencils and hand draw lines straight across the paper. They don't have to be even and just at random points along the paper. I'll take another color and just wherever they land, it could be random places. And one more; one more up here and we're done. Okay, now I'm going to continue folding. Make sure that your pattern, whatever that maybe is facing down. We had it folded one, in one direction, now we'll be folding it in the opposite direction to form an X. Open it up and you see an X. Take each of the four corners of your paper and fold them towards the center and the bow folder again, just to keep your creases nice and pressed. Now, we're going to take each of the straight edges and fold them towards the center, then press, just like so. Here's one and you open it up again and then, you do the same to the other three sides. Okay. Now, open everything up and take one corner and open it up. This is the part where the whole box shaping begins to take shape. You're going to cut up to the first crease on a diagonal along this flap; the same on the other side. You fold in these little triangles on the sides and fold right here in the middle of the triangle, fold towards the inside. You're going to do exactly the same to the opposite end. We turn it around; again, open it up, cut on the diagonal up to the first crease that you see. Fold in the two triangles on the sides and fold it in half where the, they meet. We're almost done. Now, take up the sides that are, we're not cut, fold in a little flaps here and here and then, you take one of your sides; make sure that your triangles are inside your box and then, you fold it over and that's how it is done. Turn it around, triangles toward the inside, fold over them and you're done. Here's your box, nicely decorated. Now, this is the cover. I already have made a base for my box. All you have to do is cut a square that's at least a quarter of an inch smaller and it'll fit right into your cover. So, this is one design; this is another one that I made. There are other ways that you can make this box. Basically, you could, it did, the paper doesn't have to match. You can do contrasting colors or for example, in this case, I use vellum paper. Vellum paper is a little translucent and I don't know if you could see my finger or something that I put in inside, you can kind of see, it's a little translucent. So, it gives it a different type of look. And the, just to show you when to use regular scrap booking pattern paper, one side is pattern, one side is white. And in that case, it look like this; the white is on the inside. But like I said, whenever you're putting this together, just make sure that your pattern is facing down. And that's it; there's your paper gift box. An easy project, I hope you like it.