Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I am a personal trainer at Gold's Gym. How to get rid of post-menopausal belly fat. The things you will need for this are: dumbbells, mat, and some space. Well, once you go through menopause your metabolism slows down, so you are actually burning 150 calories less than normal a day. So, let's catch up with that. So, you really want to think about strength training, and a little bit of cardio got to get that in there, but I am just going to kind of target the abdominal muscles right now with weights so we are going to make it interesting. I have got two weights here you can grab two or one I think I will just grab one, it is not even much I think it is five I do not know. The feet are flat, knees together and I just want you to shift back get the low back straight, so your hands are kind of should be on the outside of your knees, going to grab this weight. Just kind of do a little twist. Now my arms are long, I am not bending my elbows, twist, that is it in every muscle in the abdominal area. And because I am using a weight a little more challenging. So, I am going to come on down. So, one down one vertebrae at a time, got this hand weight here, still going to use it. Alright, this one might be a little more challenging for you but I you know what, I think you can do it. I am going to show you level one then I am going to go on to level two. So I got this weight, your body is long, all you need to do is lift up you can just touch your shin, and lower down, you can keep the head on the floor and I am doing the other leg. Or you can maybe lift off. So, my lay back is on the floor, here is level two. All I want you to do is roll up, touch the weight to the top of the foot. Exhale when you lift. And that is some good stuff. Alright here is another one, just simple, because I really want you to target the belly. So, I want one knee over the hip then the other, want you to lower the foot out, and then down. So, I am going out. That is going to target the lowest part of the abdominals, big time. So, I work the side, the center, and the lower, roll it up. So, those are the three you know major things you really want to hit. It is going to help you burn calories because you heart rate is probably up from doing those and they are kind of challenging, but I know you can do it. And that is kind of how you get rid of that post menopausal belly fat.