How to Make Jewelry With Paper

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Shawn Wilson with Shaviq Designs, and today I'm going to show you how to make paper jewelry. So, for materials, I like to use a copper wire for the frame. Then you'll need your image for your necklace, and then paper for the paper beads, of course. And then, I have clear coat paint to put over the finished project, beads to string it with, and then string and wire, and then of course, your own tools. The first step is to make the frame for the pendant and I'm going to use a heavy copper wire and you'll shape it into a picture frame shape, your choice: round or square and then once you have it in the right shape, I use a smaller wire to wrap around it's neck and so once you're done, your little frame will look kind of like this. Once your frame is finished, choose your image and I've chose an image out of a children's storybook and shrunk it down several sizes and then trace your image inside of your frame so you've got the right size. Once you have your little image chosen and you've traced it, layer up several sheets of paper. I use two or three depending on the thickness of the paper, sometimes even four. Trace it, trim it out and glue it into your little frame. Once you've glued it into the frame and the glue had a chance to dry, then I use a Treasure crystal coat. Several, three coats on top, one coat on the back, of course leaving time to dry in between the layers to give it a nice solid finish so that it's waterproof. Then you'll also make paper beads for this, for the necklace strand. And for the paper beads, I have a little match that I wrap the paper around and I use a paintbrush to apply the glue just like I also use the paintbrush to apply the glue on the little paper image for the pendant also, and for the paper beads, you roll it up right around that match as tight as you can. So, once you've made matching beads, it's up to you how many, but I suggest six to eight paper beads for the strand. Once you have your paper beads finished, I do like to spray them with a clear sealer before I go any further. So, now that we've sprayed the beads with the clear sealer, the next step is to string your beads, and so I've chosen the beads that the paper match my pendant. My pendant, the glue, or the paint has dried and for my stringing materials, I use a thirty-pound weight fishing line, and string your beads. So, string your paper beads. I've mixed glass beads in with it, and with your paper beads, and then to finish it off in the back with your hook. So, when you're finished stringing your necklace, you should now have a finished project; and that is how you make a paper necklace.

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