Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to plant bamboo as a screen. So theres many different types of bamboos and so when your deciding which verity to use as a screen, to screen out your neighbors, the road, the street, a cliff what ever it is you got to make sure that you know which type your using and its a variety thats going to get taller and theres two main families of bamboos I'll show you. Now you've got to make sure theres two types of bamboos theres the clumping bamboo that stays more compact you can put it right in the ground they generally a lot of them get really tall and they make really good screens because they don't take over in to the neighbors yard at all, they stay compact. Then you've got the running types of the bamboos, a lot of them stay shorter, so they don't make a good screen and even the larger verities they make great screens but you've got to be careful because they take over the neighborhood and get in to the neighbors yard and down the street and no one will be happy with you when they've taken over, but you can still use them as a screen, just make sure and keep them in containers. So if you've got a running bamboo make sure and keep it in a container and never in the ground and you just want to just make sure that the root is covered up, but the actual greenery is exposed and so that is as easy as that, its no different then the grass in your lawn. Where as if you have clumping bamboo their perfect for screens because the roots don't really take over and you can keep them in containers or you can put them right in the ground and a lot of the verities get really tall and theres beautiful different types of foliage and different types of bark and different colors, theres dark blacks and greens and yellows, there all beautiful different varieties and they make perfect screens and so you want to make sure you've got them in full sun they don't do well in shade, it you've got shade you want to try to encourage more heat because they got to be warm to do well and you've got to make sure that you can access to water, so you can water them here and there they live with very little water in the end and you've got to make sure they've got good drainage they don't want to live in a pond, but outside of that bamboo's make great screens in anybodies neighborhood.