Instructions for a Cascade Bridal Bouquet

Video transcription

Hello, my name is Crystal Nassar. I'm with Tuscany Florist in Rancho Mirage, California and I am going to give you instructions on how to make a cascade bridal bouquet. We've got our bucket ready of flowers; roses, larkspur, dendrobium orchids and greenery. And it's important to use flowers that are long stemmed, and that can cascade so that it makes the bouquet, otherwise you'll be wiring. I'm going to use a bouquet holder which makes it so much easier. And I've already soaked the bouquet holder and oasis so the bouquet stand is what I'm going to be using to make it a lot easier. And I'm going to start with the greenery, and I've got Israeli ruscus, it's a very sturdy green, it cascades beautifully and you can cut it up and fill it up very easily. So start with just inserting the different stems in and start getting the shape and just start filling it up. And don't worry it's going to look funny at first but it all comes together beautifully. You don't want to make it too heavy, you're going to be carrying this don't forget. And you don't want to get tired. So what I'm doing is just now cutting the stems so I'm getting a lot of use out of just one stem. See, I'm just filling up this oasis, so it's starting to take shape. This is your canvas now, you've created your canvas, your shape, not too big, to too long. So a little florist trick here, is Leaf Shine. I don't know if you've seen this, they use it in, on houseplants a lot. Just makes it, little bit more beautiful. I'm going to use the orchids as the main flower so that's not going to go in right away. Right now I'm just going to use some of this, just to get a little, it's larkspur, just to get a little bit of length going on here, not too much, just to add a little bit of color and length. Just get a little bit more in there. Now I'm going to use one of my main flowers which are dendrobium orchids. Add a little to the center here. Make sure it's nice and in there, so it doesn't fall out. Finally the roses, just to add some nice punch, whatever color coordination that you want for your, your bridesmaids, your centerpieces, just add some beautiful roses in there. I have Bouquet Hold, it's bouquet spray, it's glue, and it helps your flowers stay in the oasis, this is great for cascades since, you know, gravity will pull the flowers out. And here you have a beautiful cascade bridal bouquet.

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