How to Create a Marbling Effect on Canvas With Acrylic Paint

Video transcription

Hello my name is Ralph Papa from and today we're learning about acrylic painting. In this clip I'm going to give you an effect of marbling, how you can do marbling with acrylic paint. And acrylic paint is wonderful for that because it's water based and it's very fluid. So here I'm going to mix a little bit of brown, umber brown and I'm just going to sort of just draw a little square like it's a marble base just so we'll have a base of marble. Take a little water to that and give it the overall color. I might leave a little bit of the white coming through there. Alright and once I've got that base, I'm going to take maybe some white with a little turquoise in there, thin it down with a little water and sort of give it almost like I'm going to let it drain into the marble, just in spots on it. You see we can get an effective marbling on it. We can give it different patterns depending on the grain of the marble. And we can bring in some other colors as well. So like even in the case here where we go with the darker brown, put a little black into that, we can go and accent some dark highlights to the marble textures in the grain and give it a whole effect. And you can use the acrylic to actually touch up some breaks in your marble in your home. So besides just patterning it, and I'm rolling the brush to get different textures and different effects. We can bring in a little violet in here and marble in some of that violet to give it another little color in there. We can add water to the base and just let it blend so that you have a marbling and then you can lift it up a little bit and let it drip and get a random pattern to it. And that's it. That's using acrylic to simulate a marble surface. I'm Ralph Papa and thank you for watching.

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