Hi. My name is Lynn Bestul. I'm the solid waste planner for New Hanover County in North Carolina. I'm here today to talk to you about a couple recycling facts. Did you know that if 300,000 people would stop junk mail from coming to their house, they could save almost a half million trees out there? If you look at recycling paper. For every ton of paper that you recycle, you just saved 17 trees. So if you're a student at that school, if you do some recycling there, weigh the paper that you can recycle, and then you can count and keep track in the classroom of how many trees you've saved. Recycling is something that you're trying to save space in the landfill. You're also trying to save the environment. Keep pollutants out of the air. In a lot of areas, you may not have the capability of doing the recycling, so if you can haul those materials to separate areas, separate facilities to have them processed, you're only going to help yourself keeping it out of the landfill. And aluminum is one of the materials that you can recycle over and over again. Glass is the same way. Products like this you want to keep out of the landfill. These are just a few of the facts about recycling and some of the benefits that we can receive from it.