How to Replace a Car Window Drive Cable

Video transcription

Good afternoon, my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, Certified Master Tech out of Reading, PA. Today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about how to replace a window drive cable. Now these window drive cables, in essence is just basic, your your window regulator. A lot of these newer, newer doors; newer vehicles, they have a cable that runs instead of a track up and down. But go simply; I've already taken the screws out of this door panel. So all you have to do is just basically pull your door panel off, get a good grip on it and once you get all of them popped off, you're going to reach in here and take off your two door cable rods and your, your, your switch connector. Set the door panel off aside. Then you want to take your, your bolts off for your window regulator here. Now unfortunately, all of these, these regulators that are, are run by a cable; unfortunately you can't really be prim to much. A lot of times you get them replace in a section, they're not really all that expensive; usually pick them up for under fifty to hundred dollars unless you go to the dealer and then you try talking a hundred fifty, two hundred dollars. But only after market level, you can fully pick them up for under a hundred. You want to separate it off the clip from the window which is sometimes a little easier said than done and just basically, try and work little bugger out and that's basically all there is to it in replacing a power window jack cable.

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