How to Ghost a Hard Drive

Video transcription

Hi I'm Richard Goms. We're here in Salt Lake City, UT. We're talking about hard drive basics. I'm now going to talk about how to ghost a drive. Ghosting a drive means that you're creating an exact image of a physical drive on another physical drive. As you are running your programs creating documents, running a business, payroll program or whatever, the ghost program is making images of those files on your main drive onto some other drive so that if the drive goes down you can immediately restore your system from that ghost drive or even replace the hard drive with the second drive. You'll be right back up and running immediately. A popular program is "Norton Ghost 2003" so we are going to search for that. Symantec is the name of the company that creates Norton Ghost or you can purchase it from a lot of different sources. It's 69.99 we can download it or get a CD or do both the download and the CD. We can just add that to our cart and then once you've paid for it you can download it and install it.

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