How to Make Insulated Curtains

Video transcription

Hi. Do you get that draft in the wintertime? You know, the coldness that kind of comes through the window and just chills. You don't want to turn the heat up because of expense. Well, we're going to talk about how to make insulated curtains. My name is Daniel King, and I'm a designer, and I make curtains. Sometimes you can purchase the curtain ahead of time. It's a pre-made curtain of any type that you'd like, and you can add that thermal insulation to that pre-made curtain. Or you can make your own curtains. What you would need, of course, is a tape measure. You want to get the thermal backed fabric, to...and then cut that out. Measure it to fit the size of the pre-made curtain. So we'll say we're going to work with a pre-made curtain. Fit it, cut it to the same dimension. You're going to want to then pin it to the pre-made curtain, and you're going to fold over the edges, and stitch along the edge. This thermal will help keep out the heat, and it will also help keep in the cool during the summertime, helps to keep the coolness inside. You will measure, you will pin that. You will also, then, take the bottom of the curtain, and you will cut off the thermal so that you can turn up the bottom and hem this, so that the actual fabric is up above on the inside. So that it secures it in place. And then you will need to turn the top, and have it a little bit shorter, so that you can put the curtain on the rod. And that's how you can keep the cool weather out during the winter, and the cool weather in during the summer, making thermal curtains or insulated curtains. My name is Daniel King. Thank you.

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