Hi, I'm Donna Barnes. I'm a Life and Relationship Coach, and owner of NY Dating Coach, in New York City. In this clip, we'll talk about when friends turn into lovers. It's one of the greatest things, because hopefully, your lover is your best friend, but there should be some ground rules. If you've come from a part of friendship, now you've become intimately involved. There's some rule changes. Now, you need to stop talking about all other relationships that you've had. You might know a lot about each other, but the man that you're intimately involved with, doesn't want to hear about all the other men that you've been interested in, in the past. It's an ego thing, so, and don't expect to be immediately involved in every little aspect of their life. As a friend, you probably know a lot about them, but now that you've become intimate, you might want to just be immediately included in all those other things. Give them the space. Don't get too clingy, and change the energy that worked so well, with the friendship, just add the intimacy. It makes it nice. This is Donna Barnes, Life and Relationship Coach, in New York City.