Hi I'm Jason, former Mac genius here to go over some Apple OS X tips and tricks with you and today we are going to look at how to change system colors and fonts on your Mac. So let's get to it. The system fonts and colors are found in your system preferences which can be accessed under system preferences here or in the doc down there and what we are going to do is this divide it into four panes, your preferences, personal, hardware, internet, network system and other. For this we are going to be accessing our appearance settings and our appearance are you have got two different options you have blue and graphite. That is basically kind of the look and feel of the Apple Macintosh operating system and your highlight colors for when you highlight stuff are here so if you were to go into let's open a window and so see you have gold there and if we were to switch this to green, our highlight color would now be green and this also happens when you go to name something it will highlight that color as well in green. Minimize when double clicking your window or title bar, that is if you click the title bar up top it will minimize down into your doc and the button up in the corner, the middle one here with the minus sign also does the same thing. As far as recent items this panel here controls how many items you have up in your Apple menu recent items. So under applications and documents and servers we can see a number of items here and what this panel does is it tells us how may items to store in that. So if we were to say 5 and we go up here to our recent items it is only going to show us our last five applications that we have accessed. For this area turn off text smoothing for fonts sizes. This present is pretty much 8 and that is fine to leave it at that. That is kind of consistent with the graphics card and your monitor settings which are up here. Hi I'm Jason and thank you for joining me for how to change your fonts and colors in Mac OS X.