In this clip we're going to see how to make a paper tower that will stand up by itself. In this clip you'll need two pieces of white card, and something round to draw around. Stapler, scissors, and a felt tip pen. We need the large sheet of card and the pen ready. And along one edge, one of the long edges, we'll finger space some dots. A finger space, and a dot. Put your finger, make a dot. All the way along the edge. Finger, and a dot, finger, dot. Finger dot. These will make the castellation patterns at the top of your tower. There we go. And, wherever there's a dot that you've just drawn, do a chop and a stop. A chop and a stop. Chop, stop. Chop, stop, all the way along. These'll help the tower to look fancy, and also give us something to put the tower roof on. Chop stops all the way along. Now, look at your chops and stops, and leave one up, fold one right down. One up, one down. One up, one goes down. All the way along. Up, down, up, down, up, down. So you'll see on the inside we have them like this. On the outside they stand up. Now, you can try bending the card right 'round to make a cylinder. It's going to work. You can see how it's going to fit, so, you don't need to fix it just yet. Put it flat on the table in front of you, and you can decorate your tower a little bit. I'm going to have an arch-shaped door that opens wide, where all the bricks and stones hold it up to make it strong. Here, upstairs in the tower, there's a little window with prison bars on it in mine. And a spider trying to get up inside there. I think I'll have another window out here. This is where the queen lives, and she's got some flowers growing on her window sill, making it very pretty. And there's the queen looking out today. She's going, "Hello, everybody. I'm in my tower. Do you want to come and visit me for a cup of tea?" There's another little window here. This is where the guard for the castle keeps an eye open to make sure there's nobody coming who shouldn't visit the queen. There he is. You can decorate as much as you like. You can draw some stones on it, or maybe some ivy growing up the tower, right to the top, with leaves on the ivy, covering all the stones of the tower up. That makes it interesting. All right. Now you're ready to fold it all the way 'round, and make sure those two lines are level with each other. Make sure it'll set on the table, and then get your stapler, and firmly pinch those two together. Bottom, and top. You'll have to put one end of the stapler right in there and keep the other side on the outside. Check it still stands up, and check you've still got some of those castellation bits folding down. That's looking good. Now then, you might want your tower doors to open. So if you do, just cut up the middle line, and along a bit on the top. Along a bit on the top. Then you'll find your tower can open wide when you want it to. And it might be a good place for keeping things in. There's the tower doors open. Or you can close them to keep things safe inside. Now the roof. For the roof, you need a smaller piece of card. Get your round plate, lap it onto it, half across. And, round you go with your felt tip pen, half across. Cut out your shape, which is now a semi-circle, half a circle, all the way 'round. Look that one side of the semi-circle is curved. One side is straight. Now you need to think about half way along the straight side. Half way along will be about there. Put your finger there, and that's where the fold-down's going to go. So that side goes back to meet the other side. Lap them over each other, and staple. I'm going to just cut a little bit off the edge of that to make sure it fits a bit more snugly. Make it cone shape, just a little bit smaller if you want to. And it fits on quite neatly. There we go. And, if you wanted to put it on to a base, you could have a piece to sit it on, too. You can add a few more decorations, and that's how to make a paper tower castle.