In this clip, we're making a paper frog. In this clip you will need some green card, a pair of scissors, some luminous card if possible, something bright. A stapler and a felt tipped pen. Take your green paper and you're going to have to draw a shape on it, I'll show you how to do it. Think of an egg and draw the egg nice and round. Then add on some feet to him and another one. And have two legs to cutout together. So let's do that cutting next. Cut around the egg shape which will be the frog's body, all the way around and I'm cutting through two legs so with these legs we'll have back legs and front legs. He's got webbed feet, this frog, so he's a very, very good swimmer. There's around his tummy and the other leg, zig and zag inside and outside his webby toes. And that's going to be his front legs and his back legs. And on another piece of paper, draw his head. Another egg shape, but this time instead of legs, give him two bumping up eyes. And while you're drawing him, you might as well finish him off by giving him a lovely big wide smile and two little dots, that's his nose holes, his nostrils. What a happy frog. Alright, we'll cut around his face, include his eyes, around again and all the way around his chinny chin chin. Now then to fix the frog together instead of doing it flat like that, I'm going to make little boxes. So I need to cut a strip of green for between the head and the front of body and a strip of green to go between the head and the back of the body and make those by bending, bending, bending, bending to make a box and then stapling that together. So the head staples on to one end of that. And the front body sticks on to the back of it. Then we need another box, so its bend, bend, bend, bend, that's four corners and four sides. Staple that together. Fix it on to the back of his body. I hope he's going to be able to stand up. What should we call this frog? Freddy Frog? Feeby Frog? I don't know, you can choose a name for him. And then so that's the back fixing on to the front all goes together. Check he'll stand up, yes he will. So now we want some eyes, I've got that rather wonderful orange luminous stuff, I want to fold it in half so I can cut two eyes out at the same time by going up the hill and down the hill and then cutting it in half along the fold. Then do you remember a good way of doing eyes is to do a circle and color it in, but leave one bit left to be shiny. That makes it look like shiny eyes, a circle, color it in, but leave one left to be shiny. And these will fix onto the bumping bits sticking up there. He's got great big eyes is this frog. Staring eyes, there's one. He looks a bit interested in looking what's going on. There you are Freddy Frog this one, and that's how to make a paper frog.