Hi, I'm Paege Chafin. I'm the owner and executive chef for Roman Gardens Restaurant in St. Petersburg and today we're going to answer the question, can you freeze chocolate? Yes you can freeze chocolate and the good thing and fun thing about chocolate is you can freeze it in lots of different ways with lots of different kinds. You see that they make dark chocolate and white chocolate, and soft chocolate, and Genoa chocolate and chocolate from all over the world. But they have basic ingredients that are the same and that's milk, eggs, and sugar. Those things can be frozen in almost any product and especially chocolate because that's all blended together before it becomes one product. For example, if you take just a candy bar and put it in the freezer in it's regular wrapper, it'll stay frozen there pretty much forever but when you pull it out, it's going to have a little bit of color around the outside edges. That is technically freezer burn. If you take the chocolate, however and melt it down first in the increments you want, say for a Thanksgiving party, for a holiday party or you want to make cookies or whatever you need to do, you can go ahead and cook it down and freeze it into the portions that you want and just label it, but remember that Hershey's bar. They wrap that in foil for a reason before they put that outside wrapper on. So make sure you do the same. Freeze it in foil, but you don't have to double wrap it back in plastic. You can write straight onto the foil what it is. And there you go. Freezing chocolate is simple and fun and can save you a lot of lot of money in the long run. Once again, I'm Paege Chafin, Roman Gardens Restaurant in St. Pete. Have a great day.