How to Detail Car Bumpers

Video transcription

Hello my name is Mark and in this segment I am going to cover how to detail car bumpers. This is one of the newer model cars and like most of your model cars it has a color match bumper to the paint. It is usually made out of plastic or vinyl, has an inner shell that wraps around. To detail the bumper on this type of vehicle it is pretty much the same procedure that is used for detailing your car. You just want to wash it with a mild soap. You can get rid of small scratches or abrasions with polish and scratch removers. If you are going to wax it you are going to try and put a little extra effort in keeping the wax off your lenses, license plates and other things in the front. You can use brushes, toothbrush or cuticle brush to get down in the small areas to remove dirt, do touch up work. If you have got the old school style bumper or the old chrome bumpers, a good chrome polish works good and then a product of back to black or something of that nature for the rubber molding that is on the bumper. Just polish the chrome itself with that, try and avoid getting the chrome polish on other parts of the bumper that aren't chrome and then just detail out the back portion for the back to black product or something of that nature but it is pretty much the same here for detailing your bumpers as used on your car and that is how you detail automotive bumpers.

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