Let's talk about where do squirrels sleep. Tree squirrels, typically make nests. And those nests are basically a small little accumulation of leaves, pine needles, sticks, things like that and they're called drays. They will make this kind of global size nest and fill it on the inside sometimes with moss or lichen to have a nice warm lining. Some tree squirrels will actually find an open part of a hollowed out tree and make a nest inside of a tree. And so tree squirrels are typically obviously in trees or up in trees. So when storms hit and that there are baby squirrels in this nest, sometimes that can be an issue and there will be some orphan squirrels that get lost that way. And so never pick up one of these orphan squirrels. You want to call a wildlife agency or a rehabilitator to guide you through that process. Squirrels sleep in nests called drays and basically kind of accumulate themselves in that to hide away from predators.