How to Load the Google Software Bundle

Video transcription

Today Google is not only a search engine. It actually has developed different types of programs and utilities that can help users in various tasks. And they have a package that is a package of bundled software that they've put together. Basically different utilities will help you do different tasks. It's called 'Google Pack'. The easiest way to find it is to do the search for Google pack. And you'll come up with the website. The first result should be the address for the website for Google pack. And you can see that it's a bundle of software that you can load just with one click. You come over here and you pick which software that you want to load up. It has different types of utilities like the Skype software which lets you make long distance calls from your computer. It has the Adobe Reader which is very essential for a lot of documents, the pdf. Documents specifically, that a lot of websites use. You also have a taskbar for Google whether you're using Firefox or Internet Explorer. There's also Spyware software. And this is all bundled in one package. And you can download by clicking which software you want. You can download the entire pack and install it on your computer. And if you scroll down you can see that there are different explanations of each item in the package. And some of them are really essentially have here a Norton Security scan. And some of them are just helpful nice things. Here you have the Google Desktop which will help you find items right from your desktop without having to open up the search engine. Here we have a program which helps you edit and share pictures. So all of these things, some are nice and helpful and some are really essential to keep your computer running smooth and efficiently. You should really check it out. It's called Google Pack and if you do a search for it, you can find it or you can just go directly to and you'll come to the home page for Google Pack.

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