How to Make a Half Double Crochet Stitch

Video transcription

We are going to demonstrate how to do a half double crochet. It is also very easy and a lot of fun. You go ahead and come at the end of your roll like you did in the single crochet and you are going to chain 1 because that is going to count as your first stitch. Now as you notice in the top of this, there is a lot of chain links and that is what you want on the top of your crochet because you are going to be going into your chain links for each of your stitches. Now for half double crochet, you wrap around and you go into the little link that you show on top there. You pull through it and it is going to have 3 loops on your hook and you go ahead and wrap around like you did with the other stitches. You are going to pull it on through all 3 stitches. As you can see, it is a little bigger than the bigger crochet and again, you wrap around from behind. You are going to go into your next little chain link, put it through, wrap around from behind, always from behind and you are going to pull it through all 3 stitches. Wrap around, go into your next chain like so, pull it through and you've 3 on there. Wrap around again, pull it through all 3. As you can see, it is a very nice little stitch. A little bit bigger than your single crochet. Wrap around, go under the link, wrap around and pull it through. You have 3, wrap around again, pull it through all of them and there you go. That's your half double crochet.

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