We are ready to assemble our earring now. All we have to do is select the wire that we need, the length of the wire. You always want to make sure that the wire that you're using is just going to be at least maybe a half inch longer than what you actually need for your earring. So, make use you can buy these in different lengths. You just have to make sure that when you're working on your project that you keep that in mind before your begin. I just hold these up like you would a needle and I thread each of the beads in just like it was a needle. And I start with the beads even though they're in this felt beading tray they don't move around that much, but I do use my tweezers to help stabilize the bead so that I can find the hole easily and insert the earring wire. And then I just go from one to the next, one after the next, into the beading hole using the wire. And just go down the line one at a time. If you've organized these in advanced, like I said, especially if you're doing multiple pairs it makes it a lot quicker, a lot easier. I know some people that are so good at doing this; they can actually set and watch television while their doing their beading. I can't do that, but many people can. I'm going to get a silver bead on there. We see it starting to come together. Rose quartz, and then another silver bead. Now you see that I have a little, about a half inch of wire, left at the end. That's exactly what you want.