Hi I am Drew Fendy, master home inspector. I have been inspecting for over 24 years. We have got the fishing pole and so what we are going to do is feed this up into the hole and here you need a buddy because you need somebody down below fishing it up and the buddy upstairs telling you when it is at the cutout that you have already made for the receptacle. So lets go upstairs and take a look what that looks like. Okay, my buddy downstairs he is going to fish it up now. Ok! push it up through the hole, I cannot see, I can hear it a little higher, I see it now okay, so we can just reach it and grab it if I can.(Down a little bit.)So, we have got this from the basement up through now. It will just connect the wire too, we will pull it back down through and that’s how we have gone fishing for the day and we have got a good catch. Now we have got to get the wire attached to our fishing pole so we can feed it back down to finish our fishing expedition for the day. So we use the strippers, just cut this back a little bit. We want to do something that connect around here so what I am going to do is just nip off all except one of the conductors with my wire pliers. Make a hook on this to connect to the fishing hook and we can put them together. Not yet down there I got to get this connect. To make sure we do not lose the connection I like putting some black electrical tape on it so we have a really good connection. Okay, now you can bring it up over the wires so it does not get hung up on anything as we go down through. Okay you can pull down now. Keep pulling,keep pulling,keep pulling.