Now what we're going to do is we're going to get the second half of that combination. So whereas we just came from behind and we went in front, we're going to go wrist roll in front, which is where that those drills come in handy, so where you can do this wrist roll just in front where you don't have to wind up and wrench your whole body into it. Just standing, wrist roll, and then we're going to go straight into our vertical behind the back. So we start here, we go wrist roll; we're going to dip that top in right down behind us. So we come up back vertical again, and then go straight into it. Pinky-to-thumb grab behind the back, and bring it out in front this way, up to our neck here. Quickly again. So what you want to do is make sure you use your torque, you get your wrist roll out, you duck the top end behind, bring the top end back in behind. When you come here, you want to have this waiting for it, you want your hand there waiting already. So you come through, grab underneath that other hand, thumb-to-pinky. Grab through and keep it going. The important thing is to make this fluid. Here, grab, go. You don't want this to be...and then go. You want it to be nice and quick. There, put your hand in place, and let it go. What you want to do is you want to make sure you start below center because you're going to have to take under account that you have to cover the width of your hand at least once. So you're here and torque. You don't want the whole body gyration; you don't want everything moving around. You want it right there, torque your hand, leave your palm facing down. It comes up a little bit and then comes back, but you don't want this coming back up. We go wrist roll, duck behind, behind the back, pinky-to-thumb, up to neck. We're going to go straight into our neck roll since we're already at our set position. Neck roll, grab. Okay? So you start here, neck roll, behind the back, up to your neck, neck roll. Okay, that whole combination one more time - around, here, neck roll. Now what you want to do when you're doing that combination, you want to think fluidity. It is separate spins on different angles - you're going vertical, vertical, around the neck- so keep that in mind.