Hi! I’m William Myers with Subaru for Expert Village. Now we’re going to check the coolant in your reservoir and this is a coolant reservoir and it says coolant right on top it has a little plastic lid in it and if you looked at the side of the bottle you’ll see a low and a full mark on the side of the bottle. Now the easiest way to check your coolant reservoir is to pull a flashlight out, look straight down at the side and you can see where the coolant level is by the glow of the bottle. I’m just going to remove this overflow bottle for the coolant just to show you exactly what I was looking at. Now if you look right here you see a full and a low line and when I shine that flashlight down in the reservoir bottle you can see how the bottle will glow but it doesn’t glow where the fluid is and if I move it you can see that fluid move but this is full when hot, this is full when cold but if your fluid level is a little high in this bottle don’t worry about it, your fluid in your reservoir bottle can be a little high. This is how you check your coolant in your coolant reservoir bottle.