How to Make a Paper Bowler Hat

Video transcription

I am going to show you how to make this fun bowler's hat for St. Patrick's Day or any other occasion for which you would need a bowler's hat. The first thing you're going to need is your newspaper base. It's done with one that has a deep bowl for the hat. Put it out on the table and get it as flat as you can around the edges. Now once you have that done you're simply going to start rolling the edges up. And just going to roll all the way around, cause you kind of preparing this newspaper to be your bowler's hat. Once you've gone around the first time, go ahead and start taping it all the way around. You might have to tape fairly often, but you might not, it depends on your newspaper. Once you've gotten your hat to the point where you've taped it all up you can look at it and see if it's in as close as you want and have that bowler hat look to it. Once you have done that, you're going to want to take tempra paint or any other paint, I took this tempra paint, put it in a big paper plate and used the large brush to paint the whole hat. Newspaper is very thin paper and it takes a long time to dry, so you want to make sure your hat is completely dry before you start decorating it. But in the meantime you can cut out what you're going to use to make your decorations. I use simply three hearts that I cut out of construction paper and I made them the same size so I use the first one as a template. Cut the second one and cut the third one. And for these I covered them with Elmer's glue and then I sprinkled green glitter on them and let it dry and once that was done I put them together. Three hearts with a little dab of glue. I'll put a little piece of tape that will give you the idea and my shamrock is ready to go for my bowler's hat. Then once my hat was dry I started making other decorations for it. Now there's your Shamrock to go in the middle of your hat. I used Shamrock confetti and I used glitter glue and I just made some decorations around the brim of the hat. Took my Elmer's glue and put on the confetti and glued the Shamrock to the middle with a little piece of confetti. Now of course you can make a bowlers hat any color for any occasion but this is how I made the St. Patrick’s Day bowler's hat out of newspaper.

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