12 Signs your significant other is a bunny boiler

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Relationships these days come in far more flavours than ever. The forever changing fast-paced, digitally-crazed world of dating promotes virtual meetings and so much choice, it's difficult to know if anyone can commit anymore.


Whether you're straight, gay or somewhere inbetween; the new-age of mega communication has created a psychological minefield for couples. What counts as being over-attached these days? Mostly the same as always, with a few more pins and tags.

They talk to you all day long

Perma-chat is no good for any relationship, be it romantic or not. If your partner is incapabale of letting a few hours go by without talking, be it by chat, email, WhatsApp, texting or by phone; you might have a problem on your hands.

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They have access to your emails without permission

Spyware was created to protect your information whilst you surf the Internet. You might consider it a red flag, if you suddenly find out your other half has full-on access to your emails without your permission.

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They don't stop staring at you when you are together

Physical attraction can often warp people's normal capacity to concentrate, but sometimes it can be taken too far. Can't Take My Eyes Off You taken word-for-word is plain scary.

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They get a tattoo with your name

The thing that might seem like a romantic gesture, but actually just freaks you out a bit.

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Their Facebook/Twitter posts are all about you

Social media is great for connecting friends and lovers. Until it all becomes too much. Suddenly seeing 100 hashtags per day about you and what you're up to with your bloke/lady is a no-no, run for cover-like situation.

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They are all over you in public

Some cities, like Buenos Aires, are fine with the joyful acts of PDA, but other cities are more reserved. Wanting to get their freak on or being all over you in public anytime you step out together may cause unforeseen mishaps.

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Extreme reactions at the sign of any kind of rejection

Coming home to a hundred shredded photographs or a collection of kitchen plates smashed into smitherenes, could be cause for a sudden break-up.

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Physical violence

Love fuels passion and fire in people. If your other half feels so passionately that they physically harm you beyond a joke, it's cause for alarm.

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They want to know your every step

Oftentimes it's hard for us to keep up with our own movements. When someone wants to know exactly where you are and what you are doing, all day, everyday, it could lead you to unexpected insanity.

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They help you more than they help themselves

A chocolate on your pillow every night, pressed shirts, shined shoes and doing up your coat for you every morning might be lovely until it's revealed that their personal time has completely gone out of the window, leading them to stop showering or something.

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They know more about your family than you

Nothing's worse than feeling bad or being made to feel bad because you missed out on some family information. Whether it was about your mum's new flower collection or something far more serious/exciting, if your partner knows about it before you do, it's likely drama will kick off.

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They physically stalk you

Social media stalking is one thing. If you find out your significant other is physically stalking you on a daily basis, you might wish address the issue.

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