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16 Truly ingenious British thoughts that happened in the shower

There's a fine line between genius and insanity. A recent thread by the Website Reddit just goes to prove how thin that line really is. Users uploaded some of their insanely ingenious thoughts that they had while having a good scrub. Some of us will live our lives thinking about little more than what's for dinner, but a lucky few have those rare "eureka" shower moments that border on the ridiculousness to the truly genius. We selected the very best thoughts for you to decide whether these are strokes of genius or the inner mumblings of a wet idiot.

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We're all living on borrowed time and there's no better example of this than a mid-week beer that turns into 5 pints and a greasy kebab on the way home. Happy days in the moment but Thursday morning has never felt this rough. In other words, what goes up must come down.

\#15 "If humans could fly, we’d consider it exercise and never do it "

All of us at some point have dreamed of flying away and being as "free" as a bird. The question remains how many of us would actually do it given the immense effort that would be needed to fly. Bigger things get heavier way faster than they get stronger. We would still probably using EasyJet.

\#14 "Your stomach thinks all potato is mashed"

We have spent a lot of time fantasising long and hard about the endless culinary possibilities of the humble spud. But at the end of the day our stomach is getting it all the same way. Thanks digestive system for playing the world's cruelest joke on our poor belly.

\#13 "Do mascots smile when they get their picture taken?"

Very much a case of the sad clown, these poor people are paid to feign happiness throughout their working day. But surely they get the Monday blues and if they did, how would we be any the wiser?

No comment on this one...absolutely no idea about what they're talking about.

\#11 "Why aren’t iPhone chargers called apple juice?"

Steve Jobs is turning in his grave and maybe even kicking himself a little for not having come up with this one. The only other question that remains is would Apple patent "apple juice"?

\#10 "Life isn't the longest thing we do, death is"

Hobbes described life as nasty, brutish and short but he didn't have to deal with rush hour traffic, Monday mornings at the office and living in the digital era. Death is so a lot longer than life and this will be especially apt once the zombie apocalypse finally arrives.

\#9 "Polish is spelled the same as polish"

We're often told that English is one of the easiest languages to learn but it's full of quirks (just like the Brits).

\#8 "History concerning women should be HERstory"

It's often called the Queen's English so you would have thought she'd have had a say on this one. Waiting for all the "political correctness gone mad" comments below in 3,2,1...

With degrees meaning less and less and the job market becoming more and more competitive, it's not hard to envisage a world where more of us are going for PhDs. This will become the perfect excuse when you have a "doctor's appointment" with Netflix and a glass of wine.

Maybe we're not alone and Earth just looks too scary of a place to visit, and maybe that's a good thing...

\#5 "Milk is just immature cheese"

Know all the posh cheese snobs are little more than 6 year-olds with milk moustaches. Mission accomplished.

Thanks to your mobile's address book you no longer have to memorise your gran's number. But the brave new world has brought its own challenges, now we have to remember passwords for everything from home banking to your virtual crops on farmsville. Just avoid “123456” or "password."

Nuclear power is a touchy subject especially after recent disasters but if you think about it we are all just bathing in nuclear energy.

\#2 "The words Believe and Beliefs contain the word LIE in them"

This one is most definitely for the conspiracy theorists among us.

And this one is just for our toilet humour.

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Michael Keys has more than 10 years´ experience in online media and press journalism.

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