15 things a woman should do before 30

Qualifications, career moves, travel... there is so much to do in your 20s

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There is no definitive list of things a woman should do before 30 as it's really up to the individual - do you have a family young, or spend your 20s falling out of nightclubs? The 15 things listed here will certainly stand you in good stead for the future.


  • There is no definitive list of things a woman should do before 30 as it's really up to the individual - do you have a family young, or spend your 20s falling out of nightclubs?

Get qualified

Gaining a qualification, whether it's a vocational or academic one, will help increase your chances of getting the job you want. Although experience is invaluable too, qualifications will boost your self esteem and increase your worth to potential employers. If you left school at an earlier age then you can always go back, lots of local education boards and universities offer evening classes for mature students.

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It's a small world, after all

Travel is exciting as well as being a great learning experience, you'll learn about new cultures, try new foods, see great sights and possibly even pick up a language. It'll be easier to travel freely before you have commitments like a family, if that's your intention. Besides from being great for personal development and confidence, seeing the world and doing a little work experience abroad looks great on your CV.

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The career girl

A career that is rewarding is far more satisfying than a job that simply pays the bills, you'll find you won't get bored so easily and there is far more potential to be promoted and develop your skills. Choosing the right career path is the tricky part. Most of us were simply told by career advisers at school what to study at uni when we were only 17. Sit down and think hard about what you enjoy and if you can pay the bills with it.

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Independent Women

There comes a time when you must cut loose from your parents' purse strings. There are no conditions attached to money you earn yourself, whereas there may be in the case of handouts. Although money isn't everything, every girl should earn their keep and make their own decisions on how to spend their own cash.

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Live alone

Living alone is a fantastic experience - there is no tip-toeing around flatmates, arguments over bills or noise, and you can come home as late as you please without disturbing anyone. It's also a great learning curve, you'll have to do some boring stuff like taking care of all the bills and fending for yourself generally, but you'll feel a huge sense of satisfaction by standing on your own two feet.

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Don't be afraid of cha-cha changing

If you're unhappy with your job, now is the time to change career. If you dream of breaking into the fashion industry or becoming a solicitor then now is the time to do it. You will need to start at the bottom, but it's best to do it while you don't have the constraints of a mortgage or a family to support. Otherwise you will forever wonder what could have happened if you'd taken the plunge.

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The money tree

As tedious as it sounds, if you can afford to start saving now you'll be very grateful later in life. Just setting aside £10 a month is £600 over 5 years, which might just pay for a nice holiday. Like the old saying goes; A penny saved is a penny earned. Small amounts can build up and even earn you interest if you invest it wisely.

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The stick and the carrot

Been given a bonus at work or come into some cash? Then once in a while you should splash out on a designer handbag, shoes, clothing or simply just a slap up dinner with mates. Treating yourself will make all the hard work seem worthwhile and there is no better time to do it.

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Change your mind, it's a girl's prerogative

If something isn't right with your job, relationship, choice of flatmates, or the film you've decided to see at the cinema, you're allowed to change your mind. Don't put yourself through unnecessary misery by sticking to something that isn't making you happy, life is too short.

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Learn new things

Expand your skill set by learning new things, whether it's a language, cooking, driving or painting. Keeping your mind mentally stimulated will keep spells of boredom at bay, while keeping you at the top of your game.

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Party hard!

Go to music festivals and nightclubs before you settle down, and generally be hedonistic. You'll have plenty of tales to tell, will meet fascinating people and will have a great time in doing so.

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Read my lips, say ... "NO"

Don't do things you don't want to do, and be confident of your opinions. If you don't speak up for yourself, no one else will. It's often way too easy to fall into decisions when we're growing up. By taking the time to say "no" we might not be closing doors but simply oepning windows.

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Push yourself to do more

If running a marathon, bungee jumping or rock climbing in extreme conditions are ambitions of yours, do them while you still have the energy and time. These are not simply things we can look back on when we are grey and old but that can be enjoyed in the moment. EastEnders, Simon Cowell and Celebs dancing on slippery surfaces can wait for the "golden years."

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Look after the temple

Take care of your skin, eat well and exercise before you hit 30 and your body will thank you in later years. We all find it hard to hit the gym after uni or work but by starting early we form a habit of a lifetime.

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Start a band

You might not end up on Radio 1, but whether you're passionate about playing the electric guitar or the ukulele, there's nothing stopping you from forming a band with likeminded people or just messing around with a group of mates.

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