Garden Fence Types

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Garden fences serve a variety of purposes. They provide a barrier to keep animals and neighbours from munching and trampling on precious crops. Decorative garden fences enhance the beauty of the home and landscape. Others serve to block the wind or simply separate the garden from the rest of the yard. Choose from a wide range of materials and designs for a practical or purely decorative garden fence.

Wood Privacy

Commonly used to enclose the perimeter of a yard, wood privacy fences often feature prefabricated panels installed between posts. Closely positioned slats or solid panels allow for complete privacy. While typically in excess of 6 feet tall, these fence panels come in shorter versions to provide coordinated fencing within the yard to enclose a garden or pool.

Wire Mesh

Galvanised wire mesh fencing works well for gardens in a rural setting where aesthetics are not a concern. Chicken wire, chain link and welded wire fences can be installed below ground level to deter small burrowing animals such as rabbits and gophers. To add beauty to these utilitarian garden fences, train non-invasive flowering vines onto the wire structure.


Wrought iron and aluminium fencing lends an elegant look to any garden. These decorative fence types come in a variety of ornate and classic styles to coordinate with the architecture of a home. Durable ornamental metal fences will deter human intruders and keep the garden safe from inquisitive neighbourhood pets. Manufacturers offer a variety of standard colour choices and custom options to match existing exterior fixtures.


The quintessential picket fence provides a charming enclosure for a cottage garden. Wood or vinyl picket fence kits often include installation instructions for the do-it-yourselfer. Paint a wood picket fence to coordinate with house paint or opt for the traditional white variety. Vinyl fences require no maintenance, once installed. A picket fence will offer protection from larger foraging animals.


A fence made from brick, stacked stone or concrete block allows for a free-form design around the garden. Masonry fencing material works with a number of house and landscape styles. Stacked stone fencing complements a Tuscan or French country garden perfectly. Brick and concrete block fences add an understated touch to a vegetable or ornamental garden. Handy homeowners can construct a modest masonry fence in a weekend.


Dense shrubs or dwarf tree species such as boxwood make a beautiful organic border for the garden. A living fence costs less than conventional fences constructed from wood, stone or metal. They also add colour and texture to the landscape. For a natural deer barrier, select a thorny shrub species like barberry. Maintain this type of garden fence with regular pruning.

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