Home-made Chiquita Banana costume

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Chiquita Banana is a common brand of bananas you can find at most supermarkets in the United States. The Chiquita Banana brand's colourful label features a lady wearing a hat adorned with fruit, a ruffled dress and hoop earrings. She resembles the samba dancer Carmen Miranda, who inspired the image's label, according to Art & Culture. You can make a costume based on the Chiquita Banana label, or even the banana itself, by using resourceful thinking and creativity.

Cheap Costume

For the ruffled dress, search thrift shops and second-hand stores. You may find a shirt with ruffled sleeves or a ruffled blouse that you can pair with a long skirt. Glue some fresh fruit, such as bananas, apples, grapes and oranges to a hat and pair it with your thrift store finds for a cheap costume. Adorn your neck with rows of cheap costume beads.

Fake fruit

Use fake plastic fruit to create the signature Chiquita Banana lady hat, and you can use it over and over again. Find a plain top hat or cone hat at a craft or costume shop; purchase fake fruit from a local craft or big-box shop, in the artificial flowers section. Hot-glue enough fruit to the hat so that you can't actually see the hat underneath, and you'll have a hat anyone will recognise as Miss Chiquita Banana's.

Be a banana

Wrap yourself in a yellow sheet or blanket and cinch it just above your knees. Make a cone-shaped hat out of papier mâché; spray the hat yellow, and you have an actual Chiquita Banana costume. To make your costume more authentic, paint the signature Chiquita Banana logo over the portion of the sheet that goes over your stomach using blue fabric paint.

Zombie Chiquita Banana

For a scary twist on your Chiquita Banana costume, make a zombie Chiquita Banana lady costume. Find a ruffled dress or top and skirt that you can throw a little dirt on, and add some rips. Put on pale green make-up to make yourself look "undead"; instead of fresh fruit on your hat, attach fake fruit that you've painted to look like rotten fruit. Apply black and brown patches and streaks to the fruit.

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