What to wear to a baby shower

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If you've got a baby shower on your social calendar, put some thought into what you'll wear. Baby showers vary greatly when it comes to attire. An outfit that is appropriate for a baby shower that takes place in a friend's living room or backyard may not be for one that is held at a banquet hall or restaurant.

It's best to find out as much as you can about each baby shower so you don't run the risk of sticking out and feeling uncomfortable.

Basic Information

Consider the venue, as well as the season, for the shower. Dress in layers for outdoor baby showers and be prepared for weather changes. Because games are a traditional part of many baby shower festivities, always dress for comfort and ease of movement. Refer to the invitation for clues about the proper attire. You could also ask other attendees what they will be wearing. If everyone else is wearing jeans, you should, too. If the other guests are unsure, contact the person who is planning the party for guidance.

Dressier Baby Showers

If the event is taking place in a restaurant or banquet hall, wear something you consider appropriate for a wedding, such as a conservative dress or a blouse and slacks in dressier fabrics. Because baby showers are traditionally held during the afternoon, choose lighter fabrics -- and wear layers, if the climate dictates -- in softer colours. If you are attending a baby shower in the winter, use heavier fabrics and darker colours for the bottom half of your outfit.

Casual Baby Showers

If the event will take place at someone's house, opt for more casual attire. Slacks and a feminine sweater or blouse would be appropriate. If you wear a skirt or dress, stick with flats or low heels. If the event will be held outdoors in someone's backyard, it's safe to assume that stylish jeans and a casual blouse will fit in.

What Not to Wear

It is never appropriate to wear an overtly sexy, slinky or revealing outfit to a baby shower. Save these outfits for the nightclub. While dressing entirely in black may be considered chic in some circles, it is appropriate for a funeral, not a baby shower. Do not wear attention-grabbing attire, as it may appear disrespectful. You are attending the event to celebrate the mother-to-be and her new baby, not to show off.

For the Mother-To-Be

During pregnancy, comfort is key when it comes to fashion, but you can still look fabulous for your baby shower. Choose brighter colours that are flattering. If you wear a solid colour, add a pretty scarf in an interesting pattern or a belt or sash to visually break it up. Consider how your baby shower outfit moves with you. Because you'll likely be bending forward and twisting while unwrapping gifts, choose a top that does not expose your chest in the process. If you plan to wear a dress or skirt, choose something long enough that you won't need to be conscious of keeping your knees together all day. If you'll have to constantly make adjustments to your outfit or it rides up, wear something else. Wear flats if you'll be on your feet for any length of time.