Signs & Symptoms of Emotional Burnout

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Emotional burnout goes beyond the average person who feels stress in her life. It is an extreme condition where a person has reached emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by the prolonged presence of stress.

People who suffer from burnout often feel hopeless and helpless, and feel that nearly every day is a bad day. There are many signs and symptoms of emotional burnout.

Physical Symptoms

Burnout symptoms are not always mental or emotional; often burnout presents itself in a physical manner. A person suffering from emotional burnout may feel fatigued, and experience lower immunity. A person who is suffering from burnout also may experience frequent headaches or backaches, and even stomach problems. Changes in appetite and high blood pressure also are physical symptoms of emotional burnout.

Emotional Symptoms

A person experiencing burnout may have several severe emotional symptoms, including feeling a sense of failure and often feeling helpless. A person suffering from burnout may have a lack of motivation in his life and have an increasingly cynical outlook. Other emotional symptoms include high irritability or showing a complete lack of excitement for life.

Behavioural Symptoms

There also are behavioural symptoms of burnout as well. A person suffering from burnout may isolate herself from family and show a lack of regard for responsibilities. A person suffering from burnout could turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the stress, and also can take her frustrations out on other people. Another behavioural sign of burnout is procrastination.