Honda GL145 Specifications

The Honda GL 145 is a motor bike with a much more powerful engine than a standard dirt bike. These high-powered bikes are also known as bucket racers, with "bucket" used as a derogatory term for the bikes, as they were not respected as "real" racing motorcycles.

The Honda GL 145 was only produced for one year in 1988 and then discontinued due to lack of interest in the line.

Engine and Power

The Honda GL 145 is equipped with a 145cc (cubic centimetre) engine. The bike is capable of going speeds of up to 70 miles per hour depending on the size of the rider and roughness of the terrain. The engine runs on unleaded gasoline with a fuel tank capacity of 3 1/2 gallons. The Honda GL 145 has 16 horsepower and will create over 30 foot-lbs. of torque when running at 8,000rpm.


The Honda GL 145 body style is that of a large dirt bike, with a minimalistic frame and exposed engine parts and shock coverings. The Honda GL 145 was available in two colours: red and black. The colour would engulf the frame, fenders and rubber shock coverings. The GL 145 also had a pinstripe option with one or two lines of white throughout the fenders. The entire bike weighed between 99.8kg. and 113kg. depending on the options installed at the time of purchase.

Fuel Consumption, Tires & Application

The Honda GL 145 has a fuel consumption of 75mpg, letting the bike travel around 300 miles between each fill-up. The tires on the Honda GL 145 are 3-inch rubber, with a 60 psi (pressure per square inch) rating. The GL 145 is a racing bike designed to be ridden for sport or on a track. Some owners, however, have modified the GL 145 to become street legal. These mods include, but are not limited to, the addition of mirrors, indicators and number plates.