What are the standard sizes for glass sliding patio doors?

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There are just three standard heights for sliding glass doors. Some manufacturers use the term "nominal" or "call-out" dimension to indicate the rough size of the opening for the door. This measurement is rounded to the nearest inch. Since at least one manufacturer uses call-out to refer to the actual size of the door, it's safer to think of the nominal or callout dimensions as measuring the door size, not the space into which it has to fit.

Shortest Standard Height

The shortest standard height of sliding glass doors on the commercial market is 6 feet, 8 inches tall. The outside frame-to-frame dimension is also called the unit dimension. This is the actual size of the framed door measured to the outer surfaces of the door jamb, excluding any trim or casing. Few manufacturers make custom sizes of sliding door height; or if they do, the extra cost can be expensive.

Medium Standard Height

The middle standard height of sliding glass doors is 6 feet, 10 inches tall or 6 feet, 11 inches tall. Most standard sliding doors of medium height have two panels, one that slides and one that remains stationary.

Tallest Standard Height

The tallest standard height of sliding glass doors is 8 feet.

Standard Widths

Standard widths for double-panel sliding doors are 6 feet or 8 feet wide. By adding smaller panels of sliding glass doors that come in standard widths of 3 feet or 4 feet it is possible to cover an area that is up to 16 feet wide.

Tip for Proper Installation

Make sure you clarify the terms that a manufacturer is using. If the term "nominal" or "call-out" size is used, ask what that means. Does it mean the size of the door or the size of the space into which it will fit? You'll want a sliding door whose frame is smaller than the space into which it is going to be installed, but as close to the space dimension as possible.

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