Brands of high phosphorus fertilizer

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Phosphorus is an essential nutrient when growing plants in any number of landscape soils. The nutrient is unique in that it helps plants produce vivid colours and promotes root, seed and fruit growth, in addition to helping plants ward off diseases. There are several brands of high phosphorous or super phosphorous fertiliser available today at most gardening stores and nurseries.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Shake 'n Feed Continuous Release Bloom Booster Flower Food

Scotts Miracle Gro produces many different types of plant fertilisers, including the high phosphorus Shake 'n Feed fertiliser. The Shake 'n Feed product has a 10-16-10 NPK ration, which means that it contains 16 per cent phosphorus. This product is an excellent fertiliser for plants and flowers. Due to its high phosphorous content, it stimulates flower growth and colour. You should apply this fertiliser once every three months, and a 2.04kg. bag is enough to fertilise 135 square feet of your garden.

Dyna-Gro All Purpose Liquid Plant Food

Dyna-Grow makes three different high-phosphorus fertilisers. Depending on your gardening needs, the fertilisers are available in 7-9-5, 3-12-6 and 2-15-4 ratios. All of the Dyna-Grow fertilisers that are high in phosphorus are designed to stimulate flower blooming and should be applied every three months. The fertiliser is especially well suited for orchids and roses. Also, the low-nitrogen content in the Dyna-Grow fertilisers are good choices for gardens with fruit and vegetables.

Bill's Perfect Fertilizer

Bill's Perfect Fertilizer is an organic foliar liquid fertiliser that is high in phosphorus. The fertiliser comes in a 6-11-5 ration, and is ideal for indoor and outdoor plants. Bill's Perfect Fertilizer was designed to accelerate plant growth, improve root structure and enhance blooming and colour. The fertiliser is organic, does not contain chemicals and is safe for the environment. Because it is a foliar fertiliser, it should be sprayed on leaves. The fertiliser can be used every 2nd watering, or whenever you would normally fertilise, based on the specific requirements of your plants.

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