The Best Jobs for a Career Change

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At some point in your professional life, you might contemplate making a career change. You might have a number of reasons for considering a change, including age, stress, personal interest or employment projections, and it might be difficult to decide what career path to choose. The good news is that many experts and publications offer professional advice that can help you decide on the best jobs for your career change.

Best Jobs To Escape Stress

If the stress of your career is getting to you and peace of mind is your motivation for change, check out CNN Money and PayScale's list of "10 Least Stressful Jobs." The top five best jobs for 2010 career changers hoping to reduce stress are optometrist, civil engineer, marketing consultant, software testing and development engineer and technical writer.

Best Jobs If You're Over 50

According to the Over 50 Website, the best new careers for career-changing 50-year-olds are accounting, paralegal work and teaching. CNN Money compiled a list of the 20 best occupations for over-50 career changers based on surveys provided by The highest-earning career choice was labour relations manager, with a median annual income of £65,000. The lowest-paying recommended occupation was personal tutor, at a median of £16,315 per year. A few of the mid-earning of the 20 include financial advisers, £43,420; non-profit executives, £41,275; and pension administrators, £31,265.

Health care Positions

According to the career and employment website, health care professions are one of the best career moves because skills and experience from previous occupations carry over easily. Monster suggests that people who have had experience in speaking at meetings, communicating with young children and writing concise documents might be suited for health care professions that require stellar communication skills. People with customer service or waitstaff skills are also good candidates for the health care field because they are skilled at multitasking and providing fast, courteous and helpful service.

Food Service Occupations

If you have a passion for cooking, baking or dining out, you might find a satisfying career in the food and beverage industry. Irene Chalmers is an esteemed member of the James Beard Foundation, founder of International Association of Culinary Professionals and author of more than 40 books and articles in "The New York Times," "Food & Wine" and "Nation's Restaurant News." Irene's book "150 Great Jobs for Culinary Students, Career Changers and FOOD Lovers" suggests several new careers, including beekeeper, bartender, hospital chef, dietitian and bed and breakfast proprietor.

Companies Looking For Career-Changers

Sometimes companies are looking for fresh new staff members they can train from the ground up. Some employers even post ads asking "Looking for a career change?" Searching for jobs that are searching for you can help your career transition along a bit quicker. On the "Business Exchange" channel of the Bloomberg Business Week website, you'll find a "Career Change" page with numerous pages of job listings of employers searching for new and inexperienced applicants.

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