Indoor Plants for Clearing Negative Energy

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For 3,000 years, the Chinese have used particular plants and certain architectural arrangements to balance the flow of energy through indoor spaces. This prodigious body of knowledge is called Feng Shui and, while not the only source for learning which types of plants help clear negative energy, is a good place to start. The role of plants in Feng Shui is strong. According to teachings, including them can put your life energy back into harmony and even increase your fortune.

Flowering Plants

In the study of Feng Shui, flowering plants are an important element for removing negative energy from an indoor space. The first tip when choosing the proper flowering plant is never to use those with thorny or pointed leaves; always opt for round or oval leaves. Depending upon your style of furniture, good choices might be orchids, jasmine or azalea. According to Feng Shui basics, certain flowers should be incorporated to address particular issues. For example, chrysanthemum absorbs benzene from plastics and formaldehyde from household cleaners. Dandelions help protect you from health problems and other personal disasters.


Bamboo occupies a special place in the Far East for many reasons, and the plant is important in the study of Feng Shui as well. As a weapon against negative energy, bamboo can be used as a living plant, sticks, flutes or even wind chimes. Bamboo represents fast upward growth and is the enemy of death. Anything that resembles death is, obviously, a harbinger of negative energy and effort should be taken to rid indoor spaces of it. Scientifically speaking, a bamboo plant performs other beneficial tasks as well, like helping to absorb new gases off furniture.

Artificial Flowers

While Feng Shui encourages the use of freshly cut flowers to provide positive energy to a room, the flowers must be thrown out before they become dead or dried out. And in what might seem strange to some, artificial plants and flowers can be used in your quest to rid your indoor surroundings of negative energy, since they symbolise the vital yang energy and help to create an energy balance.


While bonsai plants are generally not suggested for inclusion into a Feng Shui design, since they are an undersized tree that exhibits stunted growth, there is one particular permutation called the money tree that is important for clearing a room of negative energy and encouraging prosperity. The money tree plant has five-lobed leaves, a lucky number, and sometimes can be found with leaves growing in clusters of seven, even luckier.

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