Noddy Birthday Cake Ideas

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Noddy is a popular preschool show in the UK. Noddy is a little wooden boy whose head bobs uncontrollably when he gets excited. His friends include the hundred-year-old gnome Big Ears, Tessie Bear and her dog Bumpy dog, and Mr. Plod who is in charge of catching the goblins Sly and Gobbo, who are the main troublemakers.

Various birthday cake ideas can come from the show's characters, the places they live and cars they drive.


Noddy himself is pretty straightforward. Make his head as the cake. His head is very round and he looks like a clown without make-up on. Add his accent yellow neck scarf with some red polka dots and a blue hat.

Noddy cakes can also have Noddy on them. Cakes in the shape of the child's age are good. Noddy can be on the cake as a fondant character or can be part of the frosting on the cake.

Or make the cake all Noddy from head to toes. He always wears a red shirt and blue shorts. His shoes are red with very visible laces that are tied. Cut the cake into the correct shapes and decorate.

Noddy's Taxi

Another popular aspect to Noddy is that he drives around in a taxi that makes sounds as he is approaching. The taxi fenders above the tires are red. The car has lots of chrome that make up the grill and headlights. Both the grill and headlights have an 1950s automobile look to them. The taxi is a convertible. The cover is blue and always tucked away toward the boot of the car. Make the taxi complete by placing fondant Noddy and Big Ears in the car.

Cast Cake

A basic cake with all the main characters interacting is easy for beginners. Noddy, Big Ears, and Tessie Bear figurines are easy to find or to craft out of fondant.

A traditional round cake can be surrounded by the entire cast of characters made of out fondant or purchased figurines. Repeat characters as necessary to fully encircle the cake.

Complete a small cake and decorate the top with your happy birthday message. Surround the cake with cupcakes. One the top of each cupcake place a fondant blue hat with a yellow ball at the tip for Noddy or a red hat for Big Ears and make small taxi cars.