Portable CD Players That Work Without Headphones for the Car

cd player with an open lid image by timur1970 from Fotolia.com

MP3 players continue to grow in popularity, but some people still have large collections of CDs and don't want to convert them to a different file format.

Purchasing a portable player that can connect to your car's sound system will allow you to listen to your CDs while driving, but also be able to enjoy them at the beach.

Sony Walkman Portable CD Player W/ Car Kit

This CD player is designed to integrate with your car's sound system and comes with a car kit that is easy to use and install. To ensure smooth listening while driving, this player has skip-free G-Protection technology that keeps the laser from skipping, even if the car hits a speed bump or pot hole. This Sony Walkman also comes with digital Mega Bass stereo technology, which gives you high-fidelity sound with little distortion from your car's speakers. As of 2010, this Sony portable CD player costs about £26.

Philips EXP103 eXpanium Portable MP3-CD Player with 45-Second Anti-Skip and Car Kit

This device supports both MP3 and AAC digital formats. You are assured of smooth listening even in a bumpy ride thanks to the 100-second Magic electronic skip protection technology. If high quality sound is your concern, this device can play audio files that have up to 320 Kbps bitrates. As an added convenience, you can use a four-key remote control that comes with the device for selecting songs. As of 2010, the cost is £77.

Memorex Personal CD Player with 60-second Anti-Shock Protection and Car Kit

This player offers the ability to play CD-R and CD-RW, disks. It comes with 24-track reprogrammable audio CD memory, and you can play audio files even without a CD in its slot. The 60-second anti-shock protection is designed to keep the music playing smoothly even during bumpy rides. As of 2010, you can purchase one for £13.