Boat flooring options

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Purchasing a boat is a major investment. From yachts to fishing boats, a boat's flooring should be constructed of material that is sea worthy and water resistant. Choosing the right flooring materials for your new boat will help to ensure that your investment brings years of enjoyment instead of flooring problems.

Marine Vinyl

Marine vinyl is vinyl flooring that is designed to be extra water tight and resistant to warping or bubbling due to moisture. It comes in a variety of colours and designs and can be customised to match the colour scheme of your boat. Marine vinyl is used for all sorts of boats, from luxury yachts to commercial fishing boats, due to its durability and resistance to fading. It's also easy to maintain, requiring a simple wipe down with a mop and standard household cleaning solution to keep it clean, which makes it a popular choice for boat owners.

Rubberised Flooring

Rubberised flooring is a common choice for boats and vessels that are used for commercial purpose,s and for recreational boats that experience internal moisture. Rubberised flooring is made primarily of high-grade rubber and is sturdy by design, making it resistant to tearing. Fishing boats or boats that get internal water flow benefit from rubberised floors because they are slip-resistant. They also are resistant to mould and mildew. Rubberised flooring comes in a myriad of colours and designs and can be customised to match most colour schemes.

Marine Carpeting

Marine carpeting is similar to indoor-outdoor carpeting in that it can be used in a variety of environments. Marine carpeting comes in a variety of colour options and styles and can be used on the inside of a boat or on the boat's exterior areas, such as a deck or patio area. Most marine carpeting is made up of filament polypropylene fibres, which helps to prevent mould and mildew and allows for ease of cleaning. Marine carpeting can be used in individual areas of the boat or applied throughout the vessel, and is held in place with a water-resistant carpet adhesive.

Burma Teak

Burma Teak is a custom designed wood that is specially designed to resist the effects of moisture. Burma Teak resembles that of hardwood flooring and is often used in yachts and houseboats. It contains special oils and also has a high level of silica, which helps to protect the wood from warping, splitting or cracking. The oils present in the wood also help to prevent it from fading as a result of contact with elements such as sea salt. Burma Teak also offers excellent traction and is slip resistant when wet or dry.