Types of hedges for a driveway

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Plants or shrubs planted along the driveway can help give it a refined and professional look. Plants and hedges can create a luxurious looking driveway, as long as the hedges are pruned and maintained. Hedges can become disastrous for driveways if not maintained, as they can grow on to the driveway and potentially scratch or damage the cars driving into the driveway.

Basic Boxed Hedge

Those looking for a traditional hedge for the driveway should consider a basic boxed hedge. This type of hedge is tall and a couple of feet depth depending on the desired thickness. It provides ample privacy and can have a clean appearance despite its size, if pruned and kept under control. An artificial version of this hedge is also available.

Low-Rise Hedges

Plant a low-rise hedge if you want a hedge that defines your driveway and offers you clean lines, but does not dominate your driveway. A low-rise hedge requires pruning and maintenance to keep it low, as it grows branches and leaves like any other plant. The low-rise hedge can be cut as a straight lined box or as a randomly messy low-rise hedge, depending on your personal preference.

Designed Topiaries

If you have time to garden, prune and maintain your driveway hedges and enjoy being creative, create a hedge made of custom designed topiaries. Common designs include spirals, cones or shapes of animals, letters and numbers. Since custom-designed topiaries need to be cut and maintained frequently, pick a design that you can maintain in terms of time dedication. Custom designed topiaries can be planted close together to provide some privacy in the driveway or spaced evenly apart for partial privacy.

Potted Hedge

Plants do not have to be planted in the ground to offer a hedge effect. If the budget allows, you could plant your favourite perennial plants in large clay flower pots and place them along the driveway to create a modern hedge. This type of homemade hedge requires as much pruning as other types of hedges, as the plant in the flower pot can grow beyond the pot and onto the driveway. Long plants and branches can potentially scratch cars and leave debris in the driveway, which can look messy with untrimmed plants.

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