International B250 Diesel Tractor Specifications

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The McCormick Tractor Co., founded in 1834, is well known worldwide for its International Harvester and Farmall tractor models. In 1954, the company unveiled its International B250, a smaller tractor than previous models that continued to mechanise small farms across the globe. Before then, many of those small farmers were likely preparing fields with horses and ploughs.


The International B250 came new with a four-cylinder diesel engine with an injector pump and four injectors that could generate a rated 30 horsepower.


The B250 came with rubber tires -- a fairly new development in the 1950s -- and it was Great Britain's first tractor to have disc brakes and differential locking. It also has twin steering rods.

Hitch and Appearance

The B250 features a three-point hitch, capable of pulling small and mid-size ploughs, as well as road running. Some models were made with roll bars, but, generally, the four-gear clutch, finger-formed steering wheel and bottom-formed metal seat were the height of its luxury. It was manufactured in candy-apple red, an International and Farmall trademark.

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