Gifts for Disabled Women

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Disabilities come in many forms, and a gift that works for one disabled person may not work for another. Disabled women, like any other women, have their own tastes, interests and activities.

When choosing a gift for a special needs woman, you need to keep in mind the limitations of the disability as well as her preferences, but there are some general gifts that are useful for many disabled women.

Medical Devices

Many devices are available that assist disabled women with tasks that can be difficult for them. Grabber tools are used to reach and pick up items and are useful for women with many different disabilities, and many come with accessories such as lights or gripping aids to help grasp objects. Powered lift chairs that help you get out of the chair easily and adjustable electric beds are expensive but are extremely useful. Eating and cooking aides, bathroom equipment, small adjustable tables on wheels, portable desks, wireless reading devices and computer programs and equipment that assist women with disabilities are all useful gifts.

Clothing and Accessories

Attractive, stylish clothing and accessories made especially for disabled women are available in many locations. Elastic waste trousers, Velcro closures, inside seam openings and pullover shirts are useful for some special needs women, but many companies provide clothing custom-made for each woman. Choose adaptive clothing that is easy to get on and off and fits the taste and style of the woman you are buying for. When buying accessories, choose elastic band watches and necklaces without fasteners that can slide over the head to drape around the neck. Useful purses include handbags with long straps that can be draped crosswise over the shoulder, making them more secure and less likely to be dropped.


Choose a gift that continues all year by giving magazine, puzzle or book subscriptions. Give gifts that can help disabled women remain mentally active doing something they enjoy. Magazines and books are available that cover an endless number of interests, including art, crafts, gardening, decorating, collecting, history, fiction, business, health and education. Subscriptions to puzzle magazines, including ones with crossword puzzles, number puzzles, word searches and sudoku, can keep special needs women mentally alert and entertained.