Karcher 550 Power Washer Specs

Founded in Germany in 1935, Karcher is one of the largest cleansing equipment manufacturers in the world. The company produced the first European hot water high-pressure cleaner and continues to produce washers, pumps, vacuums, steam cleaners and other products for both home and professional use.

As of 2010, the Karcher company offers three products in its 550 line of power washers, each with its own individual specifications.


Karcher's K3.550 model high-pressure cleaner lends itself to home and garden applications. This entry-level model features a water-cooled induction motor that puts out a maximum pressure of 12 MPA, or newtons per square meter. The K3.550 pumps up to 420 L of water per hour through a 6-meter high-pressure house topped with a Vario-power spray lance. Interchangeable dirt blaster and garden hose tips fit onto the lance. A fine mesh water filter cleans water output while a single 1-L detergent tank pumps cleaning agents into the water stream. Impact-resistant, recyclable plastic casing encases the unit, which features built-in accessory storage and a Plug 'n' Clean system for detergent changeovers. Karcher recommends the K3.550 for cleaning up moderate to heavily soiled jobs.

K3.550 T200

The K3.550 T200 model cleaner shares the exact physical and performance specifications of the standard K3.550 unit. However, the K3.550 T200 includes the Karcher T200 T-Racer surface and patio cleaner accessory. The T-Racer attaches to the K3.550 T200's spray lance, cleaning both flat and vertical surfaces, such as patios or garage doors, while eliminating splash back. Two rotating flat jet nozzles distribute water through the T-Racer. Like the K3.550, Karcher recommends this portable, trolley-driven model for regular cleaning in medium-size areas.

HDS 550C Eco

While the K3.550 models target household cleaning, Karcher's HDS 550C Eco presents a compact, entry-level high-pressure cleaner geared toward industrial use. Hot water up to 80 degrees Celsius provides additional cleaning power as does an 8-L detergent tank. With a single-phase two-pole electric motor, the HDS 550C Eco outputs a maximum pressure of 12 MPA and moves 500 litres of water per hour. Users spray via a soft-grip trigger gun with a two-way nozzle mounted on a 10-meter high-pressure hose. The Karcher HDS 550C Eco features a pressure switch control and an anti-twist system. This unit lends itself to cleaning difficult surfaces.