Ideas for a Short Parable

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A parable is an allegorical story using natural occurrences or situations to explain spiritual truths or moral lessons. In the New Testament, Jesus used parables in His teaching pertaining to the kingdom of God. Parables can still be used as a teaching tool today by taking relevant, natural occurrences and using them as object lessons to convey a moral or spiritual truth.

Cooking and Recipies

For a parable to be effective, it needs to be about something that people can relate to, and food is one of those things. A short parable based on recipes and cooking can illustrate the profitability of following the Bible's teaching. This parable could begin by saying that there was a certain woman who needed to find a recipe to make a dish fit for a king by a certain deadline. The woman's only resource was a friend who offered her an old family recipe that had been handed down to her. Not having time to try the recipe first, she has to trust that her friend's recipe is a dish fit for a king. This parable could illustrate how that the "Golden Rule," do unto others how you would have them do unto you, is a recipe for a good life.


A butterfly can be used as a parable to teach about life after death. This parable should describe a caterpillar crawling along on its belly until finally one day it builds a cocoon. Explain how the caterpillar will remain in the cocoon until the day that it will emerge as a beautiful butterfly. This parable can illustrate that though people die and are placed in a grave, just as the caterpillar emerged from the cocoon, those that die will awaken to a life that extends beyond this life.

Fishing Lesson

The personification of animals can form the basis for a short parable. A fish being tempted by a fisherman's bait can be used to explain how temptations can be put in front of someone to lure them into trouble. A few examples of temptations that act as bait to tempt someone and get them in trouble include a child being tempted to skip school and the resulting trouble that ensues or the temptation to show off like the hare in the "Tortoise and Hare" story, where the faster hare loses a race to the slower tortoise.


A parable about how that people are created for different purposes in life can be told using a toolbox. This parable could be told from different angles, one angle being to personify the tools and have each tool desiring to do what the other tool is doing. For example, the screwdriver wanting to hammer nails, the hammer wanting to drill holes etc. The foolish desires of the tools are granted; the tools soon realise that being used for something they were not created for is not such a good idea. The lesson of this parable is that people should be content with who they are and for the purpose for which they were created.

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