Types of Blue Crystals

Blue Crystals image by Dmitry Reviakin from Fotolia.com

Whether you like to wear them or use them for healing purposes, crystals are an undoubtedly beautiful natural mineral. Crystals are formed by a repeating pattern of molecules, known as unit cells, connecting together. Natural crystals come in many different colours, including blue.

Although many blue crystals, such as the blue quartz crystal are laboratory produced, there are some naturally occurring blue crystals. Crystal therapy advocates believe that blue crystal promotes peace and tranquillity.

Blue Kyanite

Kyanite crystals are shaped like flat knife blades and have a light blue and grey appearance. Kyanite has been found in the mountains of North Carolina and Montana, as well as Switzerland, Brazil and Myanmar. Crystal healers believe that blue kyanite helps open up psychic ability to telepathic communication.

Blue Phantom Flourite

Blue Phantom Flourite can be found in mountainous areas all over the world, and are typically square-shaped. It is believed that fluorite helps mental clarity, stability and intuition. Blue flourite in particular is believed to help with communicating deep thoughts and brings about inner peace.

Blue Apatite

Apatite is a calcium phosphate crystal, with a highly transparent and glassy shape. It can be found in the United States, Mexico, Norway, Russia and Sri Lanka. Crystal healers believe apatite crystals help promote calcium absorption and easy hypertension. Blue apatite crystals in particular are said to help integrate the emotional, physical and intellectual parts of ourselves.