The Best Ways of Securing a Swing Set

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Swinging is a popular backyard play activity for children to pass the time. Safety, however, comes first. Before allowing your children anywhere near the swing, you must secure the entire set. If it is not properly assembled, the action of swinging can cause the set to tip over and potentially cause injury. Securing a swing set can be done effectively in several different ways.


Place the legs of the set into the holes in concrete blocks. Once the leg poles are inserted, pour a concrete mixture into the holes and fill them to the top. Once dry, this will keep the swing set stable, and it should not move during play.

Children should be careful around the heavy blocks to prevent injury from falling on the blocks. Placing padding around the legs to prevent impact with the concrete may be necessary for safety purposes. As an alternative, use a post hole digger to place the legs into the ground and pour the concrete around them.


Placing a swing set on even ground may be enough to stabilise it assuming the swing set is heavy. According to New York Metro Parents, placing a swing set on uneven ground is dangerous unless the set is customised to fit the slope.

If there are no places in your lawn flat enough to set up a swing, you may need to get a set that has legs adjusted to fit the uneven lawn. Even if the set is customised to sit level on a slope, you may still need to add concrete for added safety.


Commercial products are available to help secure a swing set. Purchase swing anchors to hold the legs of a swing to the ground. The anchors work like a stake, screwing into the soil to a significant depth. They attach to the legs and prevent the set from tipping over when kids swing high.

However, because the anchors are metal, they could cause injury if stepped or fallen on. They may also pose a tripping hazard. According to the Shuyler County Child Care Coordinating Council, the anchors should therefore be buried with dirt or mulch to prevent these accidents.

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