Hair lowlight products

Andrew Bret Wallis/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Lowlights are darker strands of colour added to hair to create warmth and depth. Many people get lowlights at the end of the summer to cover sun-damaged strands and create a richer colour that works well with fall clothing.

Lowlights are also a subtle way to cover grey, creating a more dimensional look than an all-over dye job. To increase the multidimensional look of lowlights, use two or more different lowlight shades throughout your hair.

Revlon Custom Effects Hair Low Lights

Revlon Custom Effects Low Lights come in three tones that work well with brown or dark blond hair--Toffee, Cinnamon and Chocolate. Application is simple--you brush the lowlights on with the included applicator brush. For a bolder look, you can brush on thick chunks of colour. For a more natural look, darken smaller chunks throughout hair, focusing on lower layers. The kit also includes a bottle of toner to ward away any brassiness. Another bonus, the hair colour only lasts for six to eight weeks, so you can give the colour a try without the commitment. It is available for less than £3 at drugstores.

L'Oreal Low-Light Styliste Buttercream Swirl

L'Oreal Low-Light Styliste in Buttercream Swirl is a good choice to add depth to highlighted or colour-treated blond hair that may look too light or unnatural. The kit includes a "hi-control" lowlighting tool for precise application of lowlights. Apply more of the lowlight colour for greater contrast and drama, apply less to simply add dimension to blond hair. A moisturising conditioner is also included to replenish colour-treated locks. Its available for £9 at chemists.

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Perfect 10

Clairol Nice 'n Easy Perfect 10 permanent colour can be used as an all-over hair colour, but its no-drip formula and comb applicator-tip make it a good choice to apply lowlights as well. To create lowlights, choose a shade two to four shades darker than your regular hair colour and use the applicator tip to comb colour through only the chunks of hair you wish to darken. The kit comes with six weekly conditioning treatments to keep hair soft and protect colour. It is available for £7 or less at chemists.