Distributors for Sears Tools

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Sears has established itself as one of the best tools retailers in the world with hundreds of national and international distributors. Sears distributors provide a wide range of tools for customers to choose from including general hand tools, power tools, auto and mechanics tools, electrician and plumbing tools, welding equipment and woodworking tools.

North America

Sears has approximately 2, 300 distributors in the United States and Canada. The official distributors of Sears products can be found in local Sears stores in both territories and they all carry the similar lines of tools supplies, products and brands. If a product is not available at a distributor in a particular location it can be requested and shipped directly to the customer or the customer can pick it up at the store. The "Store Locator" link found near the top of the U.S. Sears website at sears.com and the Canadian Sears website sears.ca, provides a search application feature to locate Sears' tools distributors in both countries.

Latin America

Sears has tools distributors in many Latin American countries including distributors in South America and Central America territories. The majority of Latin America distributors of Sears tools products do not operate under the Sears name. They are all independent distributors who import the tools and sell them at their own stores. Distributors in some countries carry all the tools brands whereas others only specialise in selling specific brands. Distributors in the Latin America region include Import & Export Commercial JLM SPA in Chile, Ansa McAI (US) Inc. Colombia, Ansa McAI (US) Inc. Ecuador, Sears Guatemala, Sears Honduras, Centro Comercial Santa Fe in Mexico and Tzanetatos in Panama.


The Sears tools distributors in Europe include Zimmer Handelsgesellschaft in Austria, Vert Import in Belgium, Kodiem Ltd. in Bulgaria, Zimmer Handelsgesellschaft in The Czech Republic, Craftsman Imports in Denmark, Craftsman Imports in Finland, Zimmer Handelsgesellschaft in Hungary, U.S. Wholesales Ltd. in Ireland, Vert Import in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands. Other European Sears tools distributors include Cross Family Trust in New Zealand, Craftsman Imports in Norway, Agroma in Poland, Zimmer Handelsgesellschaft in Slovakia and Slovakia, Craftsman Imports in Sweden, Dales Garden Machinery Co. and U.S. Wholesales Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

Asia, Africa, Caribbean and Middle East

Sears also has tools distributors in Asia, Africa the Caribbean and the Middle East. These distributors are comprised of importers and trading companies. All the Sears tools distributors in the Caribbean are branches of Ansa McAI (US) Inc., which operates in Dominica, Grenada, Haiti and Jamaica. The El Refaeya Import and Export Company that is based in Egypt is the only Sears tools distributor in Africa. Distributors in Asia include Fujitec Corporation in Japan, HaeJee Marketing Inc. in the Republic of South Korea and Golden Year Trading Co. Ltd. in Taiwan. The Middle Eastern distributors are Zaina International in Saudi Arabia, Al Hasawi in Kuwait and Al Khushnudi Trading in the United Arab Emirates.

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