What are some popular activities done at a 17th birthday party?

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Make your 17-year-old feel special by celebrating his birthday in a popular, unique way. Some of the activities require plenty of planning, but some can be done impromptu at the party itself. The new 17-year-old and his friends will have a blast with these spins on classic games.

Photo scavenger hunt

This game is much like a regular scavenger hunt, except instead of collecting items, players collect photos of activities. Hand out a list of tasks for each team to complete, with points next to each item based on difficulty. An "Easy" item might be to hug a lamp post; an "Impossible" task might be to get a kiss on the cheek from a policeman. Organise the partygoers into teams of four so each team can fit into a vehicle. Ensure each team has a digital camera in some form; mobile phone cameras work fine. Each team member must perform at least one task.

An amazing race

Sending the partygoers on a race around town is another idea to everyone a wonderful time. Have pre-made clues available and set up the game like the television show "The Amazing Race." Pick a public venue, such as a local pizza restaurant, to gather the teams and give them their first clue. Each clue sends the teams to another destination, then another and another until they reach the birthday party location. For example, the clue "Everybody's dying to get in" would send them to the cemetery. You can also set up tasks at certain locations for them to complete before they get a clue. One idea for a task would be to assemble a puzzle before a designated person gives you the next clue. You can create T-shirts to commemorate the party and so everyone knows who's on what team.


A luau is a fun theme party for boys and girls. If good weather is expected, it's best to hold the party outdoors, as a traditional luau would be. Suggest that girls dress up in grass skirts and bikinis; boys can dress in board shorts. Hire a DJ or a live band. If you're going to have the party at your house, warn the neighbours that it's going to be loud.

Limo party

Renting a limo for your 17-year-old will make her feel like a millionairess. Roll out a red carpet for her as she walks out to the limo so she feels like a star. The limo will typically already be decked out with club lighting, so there's no need to decorate. Give the limo driver a mix of your teen's favourite music to play while she and her friends are cruising the streets. You can also arrange for them to go to her favourite restaurant in style and pay for their meal.