60s outfits for kids

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The 1960s brought about a huge change in fashion trends. People began to try different styles and incorporate their own unique look. This caused the development of the miniskirt and hippie styles such as bell-bottoms and tie-dye. The '60s also introduced bright colours and big, bold patterns.

There are several '60s outfits that kids can easily put together.


A hippie outfit can be created for both boys and girls. To achieve this look kids can wear bell-bottomed jeans, possibly with colourful, peace sign or flower patches. For the top there are a variety of options from large floral-print blouses paired with a long vest to tie-dyed T-shirts. To top the outfit off, add a peace sign necklace.

'60s British Guy

The '60s British "Austin Powers" look is another option for a boys outfit. To create this outfit find a suit in a bright colour such as blue or purple. Then pair the suit with a white ruffled shirt or some opulently styled shirt. To accessorise the outfit add a male symbol necklace.

Go-Go Girl

The go-go girl look incorporates the very popular miniskirt style of the era. To create a go-go girl outfit pair a miniskirt in a bright colour and fancy print with a matching top. If you can find a top with belled sleeves, that would be a perfect fit. Top the outfit off with a pair of knee-high go-go boots and a thick headband.